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  • I'm Lizzy

    I love to laugh. And I love to make you laugh or at least put a smile on your newly painted face…

    How do I do that?

    Well as you’ll see in a minute I love to paint your face, or draw a caricature that brings out the very best in your lovely face.

    Or if you really want to look scary, I can make you look like you’ve really been in the wars. Check out the cowboy who got his leg trapped in a bear trap…(image coming soon, hold on!)

    I discovered my talent for facepainting when I volunteered at a village fete in my native West Sussex. I had such a laugh and the sheer enjoyment and fun that it brought to the children was infectious, I really wanted to carry on doing it.

    So I’ve studied the art of facepainting ever since really, and I’m still keen to learn new techniques and designs.

    A few years later I was working in Dubai where I happened to come across a caricature drawing workshop. Huge fun, and I still love doing them, so much so that I now teach youngsters to draw caricatures themselves.

    Check out the stuff I’ve done to read more about that and the other projects I’m involved with. Facepainting, drawing caricatures and the blood ‘n gore stuff is so much fun to do because it brings so much joy, fun and laughter to everyone involved.

    I always say “Life’s too short to take ourselves seriously,”

    We all need a reason to laugh at ourselves and each other and what better way to do that than turn ourselves into a cartoon or for children to become tigers, butterflies or pink cats.”

    So enjoy checking out the pictures here, I’ll keep adding more as and when I get the chance, but in the meantime…

    …Keep smiling….

    And if you have an idea for a design that you’d like me to paint on your face then feel free to ask me,

    Use the ‘Book Lizzy Now’ form and let’s have some fun….

    Lizzy x

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